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i drawing and takes pics...
i hope you like it


Roxas Pikachu
Artist | Professional | Other
Saudi Arabia
:pokeball:the name : Roxas Pikachu
:pokeball:the age : 19
:pokeball:the level : 606
:pokeball:the Weapon kind : Sowrd - Gun
:pokeball:POKeDEX : 401
:pokeball:Working : In Disney Land
:pokeball:the powers : PurPle Electric
:pokeball: from : unknown City

I Love ProtoMan by RoxasPikachuI Am Woman by RoxasPikachuNut Job by RoxasPikachuLove shadow king stamp by RoxasPikachuNut Job by RoxasPikachuI Dont Have A True Love by RoxasPikachuMario And Luigi by RoxasPikachuThunder Jet Fan by RoxasPikachuDear Haters by RoxasPikachuProtoThunder Love by RoxasPikachuYami X Roxas by RoxasPikachuYamixYugi Stamp by RoxasPikachuIm A Drama Girl by RoxasPikachuGiratina x Pikachu by RoxasPikachuRidiculousness by RoxasPikachuAxR forever by RoxasPikachuSnorlax X Pikachu by RoxasPikachuI Love Shakira by RoxasPikachuWe Love Roxas Pikachu by RoxasPikachuRoxas Pikachu Night Fury Egg by RoxasPikachuWhen My Friends Gone by RoxasPikachuI support Roxas by RoxasPikachuI Love My Mom&Dad by RoxasPikachu
when i hate you by RoxasPikachunobody likes to get ignoured by RoxasPikachu
:note:OCs are OCs Stamp by ReikoChanWanna Cookie? by RoxasPikachui already have haters by RoxasPikachustop blocking me by RoxasPikachu
Snap 2014-04-08 at 13.03.52 by RoxasPikachu

Please be my family : you all my familyok ill start to put the DA family again , i know what you all think , " why? what for ? what happend to the old family list ?"
ok will because theres who become a part of my life and theres  who...* ears down * just..* look down * ..gone...Pikachu Crying Plz Pikachu Crying Plz .
s-so i want to see if you all in my family list , because i dont want to lose anyone anymore cause that feelings hurts.
ok , some of you are all ready in my family list but theres new members in the family has come in so ill start to make the list again.
lets start shell we?
Mother's and Fathers : ( for me i think it will be good to have more then one mom and one dad if the family members was more then 10 )
:iconasksmashbros-pikachu: ( my pikachu mother )
 bros and siss :
:iconnopeachfan1: ( sister )
Brother's and Sister's Dragon From :
:iconkay-the-bat: ( brother )
:iconevil-black-sparx-77: ( year younger then me

i can do Art Trade Art tradehay you guys~
i know that LOTS of you are BUSY and SOME have SCHOOL so.
i was try to draw somethings but i got no ideas in this days so , if you like you & i we can do a Art trade .
so if you like this i dea then tell me what i have to draw and ill do it :3
as what i want you to draw.. a hehe Silly Pikachu plz Silly-Yugi  will its not new thing XD.
you know , my oc RoxasPikachu, as you see i have lots of from's
but ill show it to you .
1-  as pony
2- as Pikachu
3-  as Daylight Dragon
4 - &  & , as megaman froms (( the not the same porsen ))
5-  skellington from
6-  my nourmal from
Requests Are Closed by RoxasPikachu

:note: My Other Accunts :
:twitter: RoxasPikachu
:dalogo: Roxaspikachu
:icontumblrplz: Roxaspikachu606

Keek : Roxas Pikachu

me in plz's:

:iconpika-idontthinksoplz::iconpikawaaahplz::iconpikamadplz::iconpikadizzyplz::iconpikaooooohplz::iconpikaw-whatplz::iconpikaohwowplz::iconpikayayplz::iconpikacryingplz::iconpikahmmplz::iconpikaohgodplz: :iconpika-happyplz::iconpika-rageplz:

my Chimchar friend prowl's Plz's


Meowth plz's


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